Dangerous pro-eating disorder communities still thrive on social media

Over the past decade or so, social media has gone from being a place where people talk about their friends, family, and relatively boring habits to a battleground, especially when it comes to talking about eating disorders. Communities have sprung up on both sides of the issue. Many use the platform to talk about how […]

Demi Lovato gets candid about her eating disorder in new documentary

Throughout her career, singer Demi Lovato has been outspoken about her trials with eating disorders and encouraged her fans to strive for a healthy body image. However, there is one thing she rarely talks about: her ongoing struggle with her own eating disorder. Like many who have largely overcome their eating disorders, Demi admits in […]

The psychoactive compound in “magic-mushrooms” may help with treatment-resistant depression

A new study suggests the key ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms may help people with treatment-resistant depression, according to a report published in the journal Scientific Reports. In the small study, psilocybin – the psychoactive compound found in so-called “magic mushrooms” – helped improve depression symptoms nineteen of 20 depression patients for up to five weeks […]

Amazon comes under fire for selling hoodie trivializing eating disorders

Amazon is under fire for selling a crass sweatshirt that many believe trivializes eating disorders. The hoodie, sold by a third-party retailer, reads: “Anorexia, like bulimia, except with self-control.” There are a number of things wrong with the sweatshirt, but the biggest is that it treats eating disorders as a joke. For far too long, […]

How eating disorder stereotypes harm those who don’t “look the part”

Most people think they “know” what people with eating disorders look like – at least, for the most part. When people see a thin, young, white woman, they question if she might be anorexic or bulimic. It seems like an “innocent” stereotype. After all, it comes from an attempt to worry about those believed to […]

Why celebrities are suddenly talking openly about eating disorders

Since the creation of modern society, eating disorders have haunted men and women while lurking in the shadows. The pressure to appear a certain way or maintain a specific weight has driven all sorts of dangerous behaviors, fad diets, and purging techniques. But, society refused to talk about it. Over the past few years, however, […]

A bad mood may be contagious, but depression is not

If you’ve never personally experienced depression, it can be easy to dismiss the illness as just a matter of having a “bad mood.” I mean, we’ve all felt “down” or “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, so why would it be that much harder to just stop being depressed? The answer, of […]

Carissa Seligman
Credit: Carissa Seligman

An Instagram post proves people with eating disorders don’t always look “scary skinny”

The words ‘anorexia’ or ‘eating disorder’ tend to paint a very specific picture in people’s minds of stick thin girls with their ribs poking through their skin and a gaunt face. However, that picture doesn’t always reflect reality, as body positive Instagram user Carissa Seligman showed the world this week. In a single post, Seligman […]


Anonymous woman’s story highlights how eating disorders can be a constant battle

Every once and a while you hear a story that seems to encapsulate eating disorders in a unique and succinct way, at once telling an incredibly personal journey while seemingly speaking for countless others who share their pain. That’s exactly what happened with a recent encounter between the photographer operating the popular Facebook page Humans of […]

Rare genetic mutations make people susceptible to eating disorders

Researchers are reportedly one step closer to understanding the link between eating disorders and genetics, according to a new study published in the journal PLoS One. The findings indicate that specific clusters of gene mutations make a person significantly more susceptible to developing an eating disorder. The effect of these genetic mutations is so strong […]