Getting High on Bath Salts


Some bath salts are being used by people to get high. With brand names like Ocean Burst and Ivory Wave, these bath salts contain engineered molecules which are similar to drugs such as Ritalin and Mephedrone. These “special” bath salts are snorted or ingested to get the user high and produce a sense of euphoria. Since the chemicals in the bath salts are not controlled substances they can be sold without restriction and are labeled ‘not for consumption” which places them outside of regulation.

With unknown potency, users of bath salts can end up in the Emergency Room with increased blood pressure, pulse rate, delirium and confusion. Other effects can include paranoia, hallucinations, agitation, hypertension, chest pain and headaches. Bath salts have become popular with drug naive teens and even college students who don’t regard the bath salts as an illegal drug ¬†and therefore do not consider them to be dangerous.

So far, Louisiana is the only state to ban the sale of these products.

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