“Let’s Get Real” – National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018


Next week, February 26 through March 4, is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and this year the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is marking the occasion with events across the country. This year, the theme is “Let’s Get Real”, which the group hopes to do by fighting the myths about eating disorders and body image.

Most estimates suggest that approximately 30 million Americans live with eating disorders, but experts widely agree this number is an understatement. Because of the stigma, stereotypes, and misunderstandings around these conditions, many live with eating disorders without ever seeking help.

Brookhaven will be doing our part to further this conversation and break down the stereotypes about eating disorders by spending next week discussing how the old ways of thinking about eating disorders not only prevent many from sharing their struggles or ever finding treatment, but how they harm entire demographics that go ignored or neglected when it comes to eating disorders.

To find out more about National Eating Disorder Awareness Week events or resources in your area, visit the National Eating Disorders Association website here.

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