Stress and hunger hormones make evening a risky time for binge eating

The late-night urge to snack is something we all encounter from time to time, but new research suggests this phenomenon is the result of riding “hunger hormone” levels and decreasing “satiety (or fullness) hormones” in the evening. More so, the impact of these hormone changes may have an even greater impact on people prone to […]

5 Tips for overcoming the urge to restrict while recovering from anorexia

Even when you’ve started your path to recovery, people with anorexia live with an urge that hangs around anytime food is present – the voice constantly calculating calories and telling you what is “safe” or “unsafe” to eat. It can seem like these urges are inescapable or overwhelming, but learning to control these impulses and […]

Depression tests may not account for black teens

Mental illness can affect anyone. Depression can strike no matter what age you are, or what race you are. Additionally, depression tends to present in one of only a few different ways across all races or other demographics. However, a new study suggests one vulnerable group may be the exception. According to a report published […]

Older adults with eating disorders continue to be overlooked

The latest estimates suggest that approximately 30 million Americans live with an eating disorder at any given time. Thanks to stereotypes and misrepresentation in the media, most people would assume that almost all of those 30 million Americans are young women. However, that isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, people of any age can develop or […]

Gymnastics and figure skating mired in eating disorder controversy ahead of South Korean Olympics

As the 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics near, many are getting excited to watch and cheer on athletes competing in a number of sports ranging from classics like speed skating to new contests like snowboarding. However, some sports that are seen as hallmarks of the winter games are coming under fire for extreme training methods […]

How one daughter told her mom and dad she had an eating disorder

For those living with an eating disorder, secrecy tends to be a way of life. They fear being “found out” and facing the embarrassment or shame of admitting to their disorder. In most cases, they manage to hide their eating disorder until they reach a tipping point where they are confronted by friends, family, doctors, […]

The Psychology of Meditation

From time to time, we’re pleased to present a guest writer on the Brookhaven Blog. Dr. Ruwan M. Jayatunge is a longtime friend of Brookhaven Hospital. He graduated from the Vinnitsa National Medical University Ukraine where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree and joined the Ministry of Health from the Government of Sri Lanka. […]

Jenifer Lewis explains how bipolar disorder crept into her life

If you go by what society thinks or how it is presented in TV or movies, it should be easy to tell if you have bipolar disorder – or any mental illness. However, as actor, singer, and dancer Jenifer Lewis discovered, living with bipolar disorder can be much more complicated and can affect your life […]

How a running habit led to an eating disorder

One of the biggest misunderstandings around eating disorders is the belief that having an eating disorder is a choice. A significant number of people still think that those living with an eating disorder just decided to stop eating properly one day in the pursuit of a thinner body. That’s rarely the reality. For many people […]

10 Tips for getting through Christmas with an eating disorder

The holidays are always a difficult time for those living with or recovering from an eating disorder. There are all sorts of treats and snacks available, not to mention the family dinner. On top of all this, everyone is likely to be stressed out from trying to get the perfect gifts for their loved ones […]