Hope as a Psychological Strength

Hope as a Psychological Strength Presented by: Chan Hellman, PhD Hope is a psychological strength that enables individuals and families to flourish especially when times are tough.  This workshop will present the science of Hope as a psychological strength in our ability to cope with traumatic experiences and flourish toward future goals.  In particular this […]

Maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship with the difficult-to-treat individual

As therapists, we deal with people who are not always rational or emotionally stable.  The transference issues clients project onto the therapist;  and in some cases the inability of a client to connect emotionally;  creates a tension and a negative environment which could permeate the psyche of the therapist.  How can a therapist provide quality […]

Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders

Join us for this seminar presented by Rachel Dalthorp, MD. This presentation will provide an overview of the pharmacologic treatment of depression and shortfalls.  Ketamine, an NMDA receptor antagonist, will be described in detail including the mechanism of action, FDA approved uses and off label indications.  The infusion process will be described, along with expected […]

Invisible Wounds: Moral Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury & Our Veterans

Moral injury is defined as “perpetrating, failing to .prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” Please join us for two presentations by Abby Duran, LPC, and Michael Bruns, MS, PLPC, CBIS that will explore two of the invisible wounds of war many veterans face, moral injury and traumatic brain injury. Leave […]

Cognitive Processing Therapy: A Treatment for Trauma

Please join us for this seminar when Andre Campbell, LMFT, LADC, CSMIII will present on Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).  CPT combines cognitive therapy and trauma processing (Resick, Monson, & Chard, 2008). It is conducted via individual or group therapy and is often completed in just 12 weekly sessions. According to the U.S. Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs, […]

Living with a Diagnosis: Different Perspectives for Carepartners and Persons Diagnosed

Nancy Weber, MA, CBIS, and Susan Suchan will present on the various aspects of living with dementia and Alzhiemer’s from the perspective of the person with the diagnosis (PWD) and their loved ones.  Presented by a carepartner, Nancy Weber, and a PWD, Susan Suchan, we will address the most common – and often the most […]

Express Yourself: Arts Interventions for the DBT Toolbox

This presentation is for mental health professionals who wish to learn more about ways to use expressive arts interventions in practice. Participants will learn a rationale for using expressive arts interventions with clients and techniques that can be used to compliment a Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) framework. The foundation of DBT is an active relationship […]

Mindfulness as the Antidote to Codependency

Attend this seminar and learn about codependency and its physical and emotional effects. Attendees will learn how to apply mindfulness practice as the antidote to codependent tendencies and how to communicate this to clients. The way in which mindfulness can assist in changing our default setting, reclaim the present moment and regulate emotions will be […]

“Autonomy, Capacity, Beneficence and Outcomes: What Is TBI Rehabilitation Really Like?”

Ron Broughton, LPC, CBIST, will present, “Autonomy, Capacity, Beneficence and Outcomes: What is TBI rehabilitation really like?” This presentation is geared for professionals, paraprofessionals, direct care staff, consumers and their families.  It brings into the question the pros and cons of allowing the individual maximization or minimization of the individual’s autonomy during treatment.  The presentation […]

Ethics: Boundaries of Respect, Honor & Trust

We are excited to offer our Third Annual Ethics Seminar. Tammie Smith, LPC, LADC-MH will present, “Ethics: Boundaries of Respect, Honor & Trust.” The seminar description is listed below. Limited space available, so call today to reserve your spot, 918.625.5188. The cost will be $40 and includes 3 Ethics Continuing Education Units, learning materials and […]