“Aging and Brain Injury: Expectations and Realities”


Rolf B. Gainer, PhD, will present, “Aging and Brain Injury: Expectations and Realities.”

Brain injury is a cumulative disability as each year the number of people living with a brain injury disability increases with the addition of new members from the prior year. Additionally, the individuals who are living with the effects of disabling conditions related to brain injury move through the life cycle; entering into and leaving relationships with family, marital partnerships and friends; adjusting to living situations; managing their health problems; finding housing and transportation; addressing economic realities and facing the realities of aging. The cost of a lifetime of brain injury is enormous and expected to exceed $17 million over the course of the lifetime of a person who is injured as a young adult. The true costs of a brain injury disability, in addition to the financial resources which are needed,  can be best observed by looking at lives of people living with a brain injury as they move beyond rehabilitation into a return to their community and primary relationships, finding meaningful life activity and coping with their disabling conditions as they age.

The long-term studies of people living with brain injury disabilities need to focus on: relationships, social network participation, caregiver issues, health disparities; maintaining independence and managing the aging process. This presentation will address these issues through an examination of the post-rehabilitation lives of individuals who have been followed through a long-term outcome study.

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