“Autonomy, Capacity, Beneficence and Outcomes: What Is TBI Rehabilitation Really Like?”


Ron Broughton, LPC, CBIST, will present, “Autonomy, Capacity, Beneficence and Outcomes: What is TBI rehabilitation really like?”

This presentation is geared for professionals, paraprofessionals, direct care staff, consumers and their families.  It brings into the question the pros and cons of allowing the individual maximization or minimization of the individual’s autonomy during treatment.  The presentation speaks to the assessment of capacity and its relation to patient autonomy.  In addition, it questions the concept of beneficence and its application to brain injury services.  A series of patient scenarios will provide an ethical thought provoking experience to attendees and encourage an internal evaluation of the treatment, its efficacy and appropriateness for the given consumer.  Attendees will be able to look at family/guardian involvement, conflicts of interest in the relationship and explore ethical issues in the relationship.  Lastly, the presentation provides a brief overview of treatment outcomes and how they relate to patient autonomy, capacity and the efficacy of treatment.

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