Staying on Track through Recovery


For many individuals recovering from a mental health condition, staying in control of their life is the key to a successful recovery. To put recovery into action, one must focus on their resilience and regaining control of their life before further treating or managing their symptoms. As an opportunity for personal growth and self discovery, recovery should be viewed as an optimistic opportunity to discover all the attributes that make you who you are and what you have to offer the World.

“Recovery is not managing illness, It’s discovering wellness. Recovery is not fixing what’s broken, It’s finding wholeness, meaning and purpose. A love for life, recovery is a journey. A reconnection to self, others, nature and spirit. A willingness to forgive, an openness towards reconciliation. A search for peace…” Duane Sherry

Here are a few tips to keep you on a successful path towards your journey of personal growth:

  • Believe: Believe in yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing by focusing on the aspect of hope in relation to healing .
  • Support: Surround yourself with individuals that encourage you, and bring out your best attributes by allowing you to shine at     your highest potential.
  • Cultivate: Cultivate a healthy lifestyle by practicing good hygiene, eating properly, getting plenty of sleep and exercising                regularly.
  • Recognition: Own the fact that you are only human and mistakes are part of the growth process- It’s not always about how many   times you fall, but how quickly you pick yourself back up.

Remember that recovery from a mental illness should be viewed as a journey rather than a destination. It does not signify getting back to where you were previously in your life prior to the discovery of the illness, but rather setting a path to find your best self and embracing all the steps that it took you to get to that point in your lives journey. Keeping a positive approach and taking each day one sunrise at a time will allow you to better cope with the everyday obstacles that you will encounter. Always remember that as a former client at Brookhaven, you have a strong support system of staff and friends behind you hoping for your continued success!

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