Substance Abuse – Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For people who are addicted to substances, life becomes a daily struggle. At Brookhaven Hospital, we understand the catastrophic affect that addiction can have on individuals and their families. It’s also common for individuals with substance abuse issues to struggle with psychological issues like depression, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. As a dual diagnosis facility, we are able to offer a more thorough, comprehensive spectrum of care than those facilities which only treat addictions.

In addition to complete and comprehensive medical and psychological care we offer:

  • High quality, cost-effective detoxification and rehabilitation
  • A sober, safe and supportive living environment
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Personal progress reviews by our treatment team
  • Caring, confidential treatment by our professionally trained staff
  • Continuing education, support materials and life planning resources to ensure success after Brookhaven

For individuals suffering from addiction and psychological conditions, life can seem hopeless. But Brookhaven’s comprehensive treatment programs can help treat the physiological and psychological causes of addiction. Addiction takes a heavy toll on the addict and the people around them. If left untreated, chemical addiction can be fatal. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, take a step towards recovery and contact Brookhaven Hospital today at 888-298-4673.