Treatment Payment Options

Paying for your care and treatment

Brookhaven Hospital’s Business Office, Admissions and Utilization Review staff are knowledgeable about the changes in insurance coverage and can assist you in understanding how your hospitalization will be covered.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans of Oklahoma
Brookhaven is pleased to be part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. As an in-network provider to Blue Cross, your treatment and rehabilitation services may be covered under one of the many Blue Cross plans. Please call us if you can questions about covered services and your eligibility for treatment.

Brookhaven participates in the Medicare program and is an approved provider under CMS guidelines. Individuals with active Medicare coverage who meet the criteria for treatment in our Behavioral Health, Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse or Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute programs can be considered for admission.

Commercial Insurance
Brookhaven Hospital accepts most commercial insurance policies. As part of the pre-admission process we will ask you for specific information about your insurance coverage and will advise you of your personal financial responsibility for the hospital and physician charges which may not be covered by your insurance.

TriCare, Veterans Administration and other Government funding
We are a Tricare Provider and also accept funding from other government programs for your care. We will advise you of your personal responsibility for hospital and physician charges that may not be covered under these programs.

Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s Compensation may cover your care and treatment if your condition can be attributed to psychological or psychiatric problems related to a workplace event. Brookhaven Admissions staff can work with your Worker’s Comp Case Manager or Adjuster to determine if you are eligible for coverage for our services.

Self-payment for treatment is becoming increasingly popular as some commercial insurance policies may not cover behavioral health, substance abuse or eating disorders treatment. Additionally, some people may prefer to pay privately for their care. Our Business Office and Admissions staff members will assist you in establishing self-payment arrangements with the hospital.

Clark Behavioral Health Financing
Qualified individuals may be able to finance their hospitalization through a loan financed by Clark Behavioral Health Financing. For specific information about loans through Clark Behavioral Health Financing <click here>.

Other Funding Sources
Brookhaven works with other funding sources which include: churches and public as well as private agencies who are involved in your care and treatment. If you have an alternative funding source for your care, our Business Office and Admissions staff will assist them in establishing payment arrangements with the hospital.