Women’s Mental Health in Relation to the Economy


A recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association reflected more than two-thirds of women have reported that their lives have been negatively impacted by the recession, causing them to neglect their own personal needs to cater to a loved one. In light of these statistics, seventy-six percent of the women polled, reported participating in more positive activities. These activities included dedicating more time to family, becoming more involved in their church or place of religious gathering and engaging in more hobbies of choice. The survey also reported that eighty-five percent of the women shared a positive view of seeking support from a mental health professional for emotional assistance and encouragement; the women viewed this form of outreach as strength of character.

Maintaining one’s mental health or mental well-being is the key to living an overall healthy life. Everyday challenges such as stress, disappointment and anxiety are opportunities for someone to practice positive coping skills for their overall emotional/ mental health. The following are ways to get started on this life changing outlook:

  • Socialization: Surround yourself with positive people that uplift your spirits and bring out your best self
  • Engage: Find activities that release endorphins that allow you to feel accomplished (walking, dancing, tending to yard work)
  • Balance: Make sure that there is a neutral balance between your hierarchy of needs (diet, sleep, etc.)
  • Connect: Limit your intake of worldly economic and social crisis’ in the media to a minimum- this will allow you to stay on a optimistic track

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  recently reported in the last twelve months,  1.3 million jobs have been created since the recession and only 10% of them went to women- allowing women to gain just 149,000 employment opportunities. Maybe with the positive focus on mental health, women can show society and government that mental health well being is the force that will drive this nation towards success.  If you or someone you know needs assistance in gearing their mental health needs towards a positive outlook, take the first step toward success by seeking help from one of our professionals.



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